The Legality Of Electronic Signature

An electronic signature or eSignature is an electronic way of signing any document against traditional manual wet ink signatures on paper documents. It replaces handwritten signatures and allows you to sign on the web using specialised electronic signature software. Electronic signatures have become popular since they are tamper-proof and are also easy to administer. It saves time and cuts paper consumption, and thus indirectly helps sustainability. With the advent of online businesses growing year by year, electronic signatures have become a necessity rather than a choice. It is also playing an essential role in creating a good customer experience

The legality of Electronic Signatures in India

Section 3 of the Information Technology Act 2000 (IT Act) provides for authentication of electronic records wherein it allows documents to be authenticated through means of electronic signature, including by way of digital signature. A digital signature is one form of electronic signature, and the act was amended in 2006 to include all forms of an electronic signature to be valid for authentication of records. Further, even the Indian Evidence Act was amended to include electronically signed documents to be considered valid evidence in a court of law and achieve compatibility with IT Act amendments.

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