Novel Ocular Drug Delivery Devices Market: Focus on Implants, Inserts and Punctal Plugs, 2021-2030

There is an evident rise in the demand for effective, non-invasive drug delivery systems that are capable of overcoming bioavailability hurdles and enable delivery of the drug at the target cells, at effective concentrations, for a suitable period of time. In our research, 50 drug delivery devices that have been / are being developed by various industry players across the world.
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The novel ocular drug delivery market is highly fragmented, featuring the presence of established, as well as emerging players. Further, majority (75%) of the developers engaged in this domain are based in North America; examples, include (in alphabetical order) Aerie Pharmaceuticals, Alimera Sciences, Amorphex Therapeutics, Bausch and Lomb, EyePoint Pharmaceuticals and Genentech. This is followed by players headquartered in RoW (13%), Asia Pacific (6%) and Europe (6%).
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Implants (80%) emerged as the most common type of combination device being developed by stakeholders engaged in this domain. As is evident from the figure, 43% candidates are being evaluated across different clinical phases, of which, 23% are in phase II trials and 15% are in phase I studies. topical emerged as the most popular (40%) route of administration, followed by intravitreal route (35%), adopted by novel ocular drug delivery devices. It is worth mentioning that topical route primarily targets the anterior eye diseases, while the intravitreal route is widely used for the treatment of posterior eye diseases.

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