Over the years, novel drug reconstitution systems have been widely adopted in the healthcare sector, owing to the numerous benefits offered by these products. During our research, we identified over 55 novel drug reconstitution systems, including prefilled syringes, cartridges and infusion bags being manufactured to ease the reconstitution of drugs packaged in containers.
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Majority of the companies (32%) engaged in this domain are very large players. Examples of such companies include (in alphabetical order, established after 1900) Baxter, Fresenius Kabi, ICU Medical, Shandong Pharmaceutical Glass, Terumo, Vetter Pharma and West Pharmaceutical Services. This is followed by the share of mid-sized players (29%) in this domain. Prominent examples of mid-sized players include (in alphabetical order, established after 2000) ADIENNE, Kapsam, and Taian Youlyy Industrial. Further, majority of the companies (47%) engaged in this domain are located in Europe, particularly in Germany. This is followed by the players based in Asia-Pacific region with Japan and South Korea being the most prominent countries. Within North America, US emerged as the leading region, with the presence of seven companies.

As can be observed in the figure, majority of the prefilled syringes (37.5%) and infusion bags (28.6%) are dual chamber systems. On the other hand, around 18% of the infusion bags are multi chambered. Further, the cartridges are available with single and dual chambers, which make the administration of lyophilized drugs possible in an efficient and convenient manner. Further, most of the prefilled syringes have capacity of 1-2.5 mL.

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