More than 85 small molecule protein degraders are currently being evaluated for the treatment of var

The concept of targeted protein degradation presents revolutionary drug development opportunities and is anticipated to bring about a paradigm shift in modern healthcare. The first targeted protein degrader, called proteolysis targeting chimera (PROTAC), was developed about a decade ago. Presently, a variety of other such chemical entities and molecular glues are under investigation. In fact, certain pipeline candidates are already in the mid to late-phase trials and are anticipated to soon enter the market.

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The USD 3.6 billion (by 2030) financial opportunity within the target protein degradation market has been analyzed across the following segments:
 Type of payment of licensing agreements
 Upfront payments
 Milestone payments

 Type of protein degrader
 Degronimids
 Specific BET and DUB inhibitors
 Other protein degraders

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 Therapeutic area
 Neurodegenerative disorders
 Oncological disorders
 Other therapeutic areas

 Route of administration
 Oral
 Intravenous
 Other routes

 Key geographical region
 North America
 Europe
 Asia-Pacific

The Targeted Protein Degradation Market: Focus on Therapeutics and Technology Platforms (based on Degronimids, ENDTACs, Epichaperome Inhibitors, Hydrophobic Tags, IMiDs, LYTACs, Molecular Glues, PHOTACs, PROTACs, Protein Homeostatic Modulators, SARDs, SERDs, SNIPERs, and Specific BET and DUB Inhibitors), 2020-2030 report features the following companies, which we identified to be key players in this domain:
 Arvinas
 Captor Therapeutics
 Celgene
 Genetech
 Kymera Therapeutics
 Mission Therapeutics
 Progenra
 Radius Health
 Sanofi Genzyme
 Zenopharm

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