M Lakshminarayana

Dr. Ravi Prakash is a renowned former cardiac surgeon and a vintage & classic car collector in Bangalore. He holds the president post of the Federation of Historic vehicles of India. He is a car admirer who owns one of the largest collections of vintage and classic cars in India. Dr. Prakash is an agriculturist, floriculturist, horticulturist, and a nature lover. Started at the age of 19 years and now, he owns a few of the originals vintage car collections dates back to 1800 and some of his iconic collections include Motilal Nehru’s 1928 Lanchester, JRD Tata’s 1940 Buick Limousine, Kuvempu’s 1956 Studebaker, The 1937 Sunbeam Talbot, once belonging to Lord Mountbatten – the last viceroy of British India, was his first vintage car and he has a collection of many other historically owned cars over 200 vintage cars and 70 antique motorcycles.

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