Interview on Training Data for AI with Wilson Pang, CTO at Appen

Wilson explains the value of accurate training data for AI to ensure deployed applications are free of bias and ROI achieved

1. Tell us about yourself and how you came to be in your current role as the CTO at Appen?
I joined Appen in November 2018 as CTO and am responsible for the company’s products and technology. Before joining Appen, I was Chief Data Officer of CTrip in China, the second-largest online travel company in the world, where I led data engineers, analysts, data product managers, and scientists to improve user experience and increase operational efficiency that grew the business. Earlier, I was also the Senior Director of Engineering at eBay California and provided leadership to various domains including data service and solutions, search science, marketing technology, and billing systems. I worked as an architect at IBM before eBay, building technology solutions for various clients.

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