How to setup Linksys smart WiFi?

The user needs to open the pack or welcome unit of Linksys WiFi router.
Presently, interface the radio wires to your Linksys Smart WiFi.
At that point connect the switch, modem and PC with an Ethernet cable.
The client can open the router.
You are currently signed in at
Presently you need to enter your username and password here.
After these means, it is not difficult to introduce and arrange linksyssmartwifi administrator settings.
How to Linksys Smart WiFi Setup Wirelessly?
– Go to the electronic remote page to arrange the Linksys router. Open any program (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Safari)
-At that point enter the username, keep it clear and enter "administrator" in the Password alternative.
How to Connect Linksys Router to WiFi?
Interface the force supply: –

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