First of all, will a standing desk improve my well-being at work?

It helps correct your posture while working by keeping your spine straight and helps strengthen your core, resulting in significantly reduced back pain.

Also, say goodbye to neck pain, with your computer screen eye level your head will be much better aligned with the rest of you!

Secondly, working standing up keeps you in an alert and awake position – which is excellent especially after lunch, you don't want to be in a sedentary position as your digestive system has to work twice as hard, which slows you down.

Lastly, standing up improves your blood circulation, oxygen levels and boosts metabolism. It will also help increase productivity since your brain will be receiving more oxygen and nutrient-rich blood flooding your thought organ with mood-boosting chemicals.

To fully enjoy the benefits of working standing up, you are advised to start by standing up an hour for every 2 hours you sit. As weeks go by you can increase the ratio throughout your day. But, please note that this doesn’t mean you have to force yourself. We all have different adaptation curves for habits and can take you longer or shorter to acquire the habit of working standing up. Take your time and enjoy aim for a smooth, comfortable transition to a healthier working experience!

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