Fintech Services – KPMGNG

Fintechs are the new economic currency in the emerging markets providing the opportunity for customers and service providers to realize increased financial inclusion, innovation and disruptive business models for profitability, growth and overall value creation. However, with advanced technology and changing business models comes associated risks which need to be mitigated for survival.
KPMG‘s Fintech Assurance Service focuses on identifying, managing, and mitigating the
risks associated with Fintechs Technology environment. Our experienced cross-functional team possesses industry, regulatory and functional knowledge, as well as the requisite technical skills to help you design and implement appropriate risk mitigating controls for your business.
Our Fintech (IT) Assurance Services are specially tailored for FinTechs and covers the following core IT areas:
⦁ Technology Gap Assesment
⦁ IT Internal Audit Services
⦁ Revenue Assurance
⦁ Data Analytics & Big Data
⦁ IT Governance, Risk & Compliance Review
⦁ IT Performance and Change Managements Review
⦁ IT Due Diligence (IT Deals Audit)
Who We Help
Our services are benficial to FinTechs involved in the following areas:
⦁ Savings and Invetsment
⦁ Lending and Credit
⦁ Payments
⦁ Enterprise Financial Software
⦁ AgriTech, RegTech, other FinTech players
Business that typically benefit from our services include:
⦁ Firms that require independent IT risk assessments and and/or compliance reviews, along with recommendations for risk mitigation.
⦁ Companies that require in-depth revenue assurance reviews to ascertain completeness and accuracy of reported revenue.
⦁ Information technology, Information security, risk management, internal audit, legal and compliance and application development teams looking to assess (a) development and deployment procedures, (b) secure coding practices and policies, and/or (c) governance and operational processes.