Dr. Dinker Goel's Mini Shell Dental Clinic

"Dr. Dinker Goel & Dr. Himadri Goel are one of the best dentists, reputed doctors in Prem Nagar, Bareilly with experience of more than 16+ years.
Their clinic is Mini Shell Dental Clinic that offers following Dental Procedures in Bareilly:

.Dental implant
.Dental filling
.Veneer and smile designing
.Teeth whitening
.Paediatric dentistry
. Orthodontic Treatment
.Cosmetic dentistry
.Periodontal disease like Gum Problems
.Teeth and jaws mal positioning
.Smile Correction
.Teeth Building
.Root canal treatment
.Teeth Replacement

Dr. Dinker and Dr Himadri is highly recommended by their patients for their expertise and appropriate diagnosis."