Double die paper plate machine

A single die paper plate machine uses one mold to produce paper plates, making it suitable for small-scale or customized production with precise control over plate size and design. A double die paper plate machine features two molds, doubling the output and enhancing efficiency for larger-scale manufacturing needs. The hydraulic paper plate machine employs hydraulic pressure for molding, ensuring uniformity, durability, and high-speed production. This machine is ideal for mass production, providing consistent quality and energy efficiency. Each type of machine caters to different production capacities and business requirements, offering versatile solutions for paper plate manufacturing.
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Double Die Paper Plate Machine

The Double Die Paper Plate Machine is a versatile and efficient tool designed for mass production of paper plates. It operates using advanced technology to simultaneously produce two different sizes or types of plates, maximizing output and flexibility. This machine ensures precise cutting, shaping, and pressing of paper sheets into sturdy plates, meeting high standards of quality and durability. Ideal for small to medium-scale enterprises, it offers ease of operation and maintenance, making it a reliable choice for businesses looking to streamline production processes and meet growing market demands for eco-friendly disposable tableware.