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Ph.D. is the highest level of academic qualification and is the dream of every student who wishes to super-specialize in their desired field of academic interest. For #Enquiry: Website: India: +91 91769... Read More

The manuscript editing service has always been a requirement in the Research field. The simple mistakes in spelling or grammar are not noticed by the researchers when they are in... Read More

The researchers presented the results and analysis of the quantitative data in this chapter. The study used a 400-person sample, and the workers from manufacturing and service companies provided the... Read More

There are many options exist to choose a topic for pursuing PhD. One of the options is seeking an advisor's help, the person could be the supervisor, mentor, or from... Read More

Homocystinuria (HCU) is a hereditary metabolic condition characterised by high homocysteine in the blood caused by a cystathionine beta-synthase (CBS) insufficiency caused by a CBS mutated gene. Several bodily systems... Read More

Peer review is a significant step in the contemporary scientific method. By carefully evaluating and confirming research to ensure that findings are accurate and that the conclusions obtained can be... Read More

Big data is described as holistic and large-set information generated from multiple sources at high-velocity, high-volume and high variety all time. Especially, big data analytics is useful to extract meaningful... Read More

A coordinated response combining both innate and adaptive immunity leads to celiac disease. The adaptive immune response to gluten has been thoroughly documented with peptide sequences displaying HLA-DQ2 or -DQ8... Read More

The study aimed to analyze the electrolyte levels in patients recovering from heart surgery. It was a case-control investigation. Chi-square analysis was used to determine the correlations between categorical variables. For... Read More