8 ways iFieldSmart Technologies helps AEC firms leverage the Cloud

Is your construction project getting boxed through dumb construction project management apps? Is your existing AEC app suite blowing financial holes? The AEC sector is complex and counts on advanced processes and tools for accelerating construction projects to achieve efficiencies and economies of scale. Construction project management reinforced with powerful software can assist AEC professionals to reduce rework, diminish project delays,lower material wastage, and mitigate cost and time overruns. iFieldSmart Technologies offer comprehensive project management capabilities to connect onsite teams with remote stakeholders. As a single secure cloud-based platform, tools integrated into iFieldSmart connect every aspect of your AEC project, integrate seamlessly with other apps and coordinate people and projects.

Project managers and other construction stakeholders are perpetually challenged by fragmented communication, flawed data storage tools, information loss, disjoint processes, and a lack of accurate task management. iFieldSmart Technologies enables various teams to achieve greater project visibility, streamline bidding, centralize data storage, improve job site productivity and diminish silos for enhanced collaboration. Listed below are the top 8 tools that can help you transform the way you work with cloud-based construction project management and digital workflows.

Leverage greater project visibility into project breakthroughs with secure and cataloged 2D storage

2D drawings are dominant deliverables for any AEC team or firm. Architects, general contractors, engineers, project managers, and other stakeholders face continuous project setbacks as a consequence of substandard data storage platforms. Analyzing real-world challenges, iFieldSmart Technologies has derived the ultimate solution to store, access, and share updated drawings from a single secure interface.

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